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How to Cleanse and Charge Your Quartz Beauty Tools

Did you know that crystals, rocks, and gemstones can convert negative energy  to positivity and love and can revitalize your chakras? Each crystal has its own power. For example, Rose Quartz is known as a “stone of love”, and it resonates within the entire body to heal all the matters of the heart chakra to attract every kind of love. It keeps negativity away and brings good vibes. Amethyst has a strong and healing power, it strengthens the inner core whilst neutralizing weakened energy. It keeps the mind clear and improves intuition, clarity, and creativity. It opens the crown chakra and stimulates the third eye, which connects us to our higher consciousness.  Remember,  every stone has to be cleansed and...

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What is Gua Sha? All You Need to Know About Gua Sha

A Gua Sha (Guasha Board) is a smooth, half-moon shaped stone which can be used to massage the face and body. Often made from Rose Quartz or Jade Stone with 3 or 4 pressure points, the Gua Sha is a natural ancient Chinese alternative technique which involves scraping or spooning your skin to improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. It can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate your skin to give a smoother, brighter, natural glow, improve the firmness of your skin and reduce puffiness. A good quality Gua Sha, when used properly, can also help to improve your sleep and improve your  general sense of calm and wellbeing. It can be the best stress relieving, detoxing...

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What do face rollers actually do for Your skin?

The “new go- to” beauty product that is truly worth the investment.  Over the past few years, make-up artists and influencers have fallen in love with the natural crystal face roller. However, this beauty tool phenomenon has actually been around since the 17th century in ancient Asia.  Facial Rollers are effective tools to help achieve clear, glowing skin and reduce puffiness. By rolling the stones across the skin it can help to drain excess fluids from the face, help skincare products to better absorb into the skin, and even combat wrinkles and fine lines. The larger stone can be used for the forehead, cheeks and neck, while the smaller roller is perfect for under the eyes and across the mouth....

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