How to Cleanse and Charge Your Quartz Beauty Tools

Did you know that crystals, rocks, and gemstones can convert negative energy  to positivity and love and can revitalize your chakras?

Each crystal has its own power. For example, Rose Quartz is known as a “stone of love”, and it resonates within the entire body to heal all the matters of the heart chakra to attract every kind of love. It keeps negativity away and brings good vibes.

Amethyst has a strong and healing power, it strengthens the inner core whilst neutralizing weakened energy. It keeps the mind clear and improves intuition, clarity, and creativity. It opens the crown chakra and stimulates the third eye, which connects us to our higher consciousness. 

Remember,  every stone has to be cleansed and re-charged regularly. They can bring you positive and loving energy as they draw out any negativity and harmful vibes.  So if you want to make sure your crystals remain powerful at all times, show a little love and gratitude to them.

The Scilla Rose Team have prepared a guide on how to clean and recharge your crystal face roller. 

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Lukewarm Water

Simply run lukewarm water over the crystal part of your roller and then gently dry it off using a soft cloth. Never use boiling water or harsh chemicals.

Essential Oils

Add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice into a small cup of lukewarm water. Or you can use a spray bottle if you prefer. Shake the bottle and spritz directly onto the stone, then dry it using a soft cloth. If you want to soothe and balance your crystals use Lavender oil. If your main objective is to reduce negative energy, you might prefer to use Juniper oil.


Dead Sea Salt is well known for itshealth and beauty benefits. Put your roller a bowl add some dead sea salt and leave it to soak for an hour. Don’t leave it for longer than a few hours as it could harm the metal frame. 

Smoke Your Crystals

Put your roller in a fire proof bowl and simply light a small piece of herb. You can use sage or a sweetgrass bundle to gently “smoke” the stones. Then, let it rest and cool down before using your roller again. Make sure it is completely cool before use.


Candle Flame

Pass the stone part of your roller through a candle flame several times. Do it quickly and carefully in order to avoid burning yourself or the face roller in the process.


Moonlight can infuse your face roller with power which will recharge the crystals and draw in positive energy. 


Remember, our words, thoughts and even dreams have huge power. If you want to recharge your roller, simply hold the face roller in your hands. Pray over it with an open heart and intention of clearing and energizing the stone.  But be honest, and put negativity away while praying.

DON’T  put your rollers in Direct Sunlight

Even though sunlight seems a very useful and simple technique for recharging stones. Amethyst and Rose Quartz don’t particularly like sunlight. This can cause them to fade. 

DON’T bury your face rollers in the ground

Many crystal specialists advise burying crystals in the ground. But it’s not a good way to deal with quartz rollers. Face rollers have zinc elements, there’s a possibility that the oxidation process could start in the ground and harm them.

Our face rollers can help you to relax, bring beauty and love into your life and reduce negative energy. But most of all they will help you to:

“Be your own kind of Beautiful”!


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