How to use a face roller

The new “go-to” natural miracle tool, The Face Roller, is essential for every make-up bag and fridge. It helps to de-puff, firm-up and gives your skin an all over natural glow. It is important to invest in genuine rose quartz. You will know if it’s genuine because it is cool to the touch and you can see the beautiful quartz stone formation in the rollers and the handle.  The Scilla Rose Team have created a “how to use” guide to help you with all you need to know about using face rollers. 

Amethyst face roller
From stimulating blood flow to draining fluid, face rollers can help to improve the appearance and condition of your skin. A face rolling, deep-tissue massage helps you to absorb more nutrients and oxygen into your skin. By adding a simple manual massage to your daily  beauty and self-love routine, you can improve your skin and enjoy new relaxation techniques at the same time.

Face rollers work on a deep level, they help to lift and hold muscles while you roll.  Not only do they bring life back into your skin with an instant glow, they feel so relaxing and help to relieve facial tension. It’s like a mini face-lift without the pain.  A morning face rolling routine can improve blood circulation, and help to give you a positive start to your day. 



It is important to always roll in an outward motion and apply light pressure to massage the lymphatic system as this will also help to distribute and absorb your moisturiser or serum. 

  • Each area should be rolled up to 5 times: first roll outwards under the jawline, then out under the cheekbone, then along the cheekbone. 
  • Next, roll along the brows, then upwards along the forehead. You need to roll up at an angle to the side of the face and then take the roller to the ear, following the lymphatic system. 
  • Use the larger roller for your cheeks, jaw and forehead, and the small one  under and around the eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles and to give a natural brow lift too.
  • To see the result, you will need to use a face roller at least 2-3 per week for 5-10 minutes. 

Your skin will start to glow as the roller helps increase circulation and massage out fine lines and toxins. 

rose quartz face roller


Genuine Quartz and Jade rollers are cool to the touch but you can also keep them in the refrigerator overnight for an extra cool morning massage.

It’s also a great pre-party or after-party tool, especially if you need to eliminate puffiness. And while we understand all the benefits of cooling our rollers, you can  even warm them up for a hot stone massage. Dip them it in warm water for 30 seconds, dry well, especially the frames and then use over a sheet mask, serum or face cream. Very relaxing! 

Rose quartz ice roller


Firstly, always remember to use your your face rollers on a clean face. The massaging motion will help your beauty products to absorb deeper into your skin. The same is true if you are wearing old make-up so the first step should always be to cleanse your face thoroughly.

You can use face rollers in many different ways: 

Use them, hot or cold, to roll over a sheet mask which will help the ingredients to penetrate deeply into your skin. Use them as part of your bedtime routine to boost the absorption of products such as serums, oils and night creams into your skin. 

You can even use a roller over fresh make-up to give your skin a beautiful healthy glow and achieve a more natural look. 

rose quartz roller and gua sha


Wipe gently with a dry or slightly moist soft cloth on the crystal parts. Never use boiling water or harsh chemicals. Make sure the frame does not get too wet and dry thoroughly.

rose quartz roller

For wonderful glowing skin, use your face rollers regularly whilst applying natural skin care products. Eat well, sleep well. And always remember to  “ Be your own Kind of Beautiful”

Key points to remember.

  • Buy genuine rose quartz rollers
  • Keep them in the fridge or warm them up
  • Roll outwards to remove puffiness, release toxins and water retention
  • Add light pressure
  • Use with moisturisers, oils or serums for deep absorption
  • Use them morning and night
  •  Enjoy the results!


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